Homelessly Crosswise Christmas

HAIKU created to my photo.

hopelessly homeless
daily on crosswise with life
Christmas for others

Blue Homeless gets HAIKU


Dit når aldrig du!

Skrivpuff: Hjärta.

Jag stod framför dig
men längtade
mig bort.
Du talade till mig
men jag hörde
inga ord.
Du tog min hand
men berörde inte
mitt hjärta.

Min kropp
och min själ
befinner sig på
olika platser.
Mitt hjärta följer
alltid min själ –
mitt inre innersta.
Ditt når aldrig

Blue Far Away

Change Christmas for peace

Carpe Diem Special #186
Georgia’s 2nd “days of Christmas”(choka).

dark nights and dusk days
stars are bright and sky so black
cold feet are stumping
while the children are wishing
carol songs in air
and Christmas coming closer
handicrafts and food
crowded over filled markets

I’m standing beside
I’m thinking about the world
I’m in the middle

dark and brutal days
scaring black nights of horror
no stars can be seen
heavy feet running away
wishing for safe life
no holiday in sight yet
will there ever be peace

I’m feeling so sad
I’m both inside and outside
Want to change Christmas for peace

Blue Christmas Market, Budapest