Love in Hearts

Carpe Diem #855 Meadow(s).

looking into clouds
dreaming about love in hearts
caressed by meadows

Blue Love in Hearts

4 thoughts on “Love in Hearts

  1. Walther von der Vogelweide came to my mind:

    “Under the lime tree
    On the heather,
    Where we had shared a place of rest,
    Still you may find there,
    Lovely together,
    Flowers crushed and grass down-pressed.
    Beside the forest in the vale,
    Sweetly sang the nightingale.”

    Under der linden
    an der heide,
    dâ unser zweier bette was,
    dâ muget ir vinden
    schône beide
    gebrochen bluomen unde gras.
    Vor dem walde in einem tal,
    schône sanc diu nahtegal.

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